Lake Effect Weekend: The Fight for Open Housing, Radio Chipstone, Device Cybersecurity, Ex Fabula

Sep 2, 2017

This weekend on Lake Effect:

We look back on a landmark in Milwaukee history - the start of 200 nights of open housing marches. Race and ethnicity reporter Aisha Turner speaks with a man who was front and center during that time - Prentice McKinney. Then we examine cybersecurity and internet connected devices, from your fitness tracker to your car. Radio Chipstone introduces us to a woman looking at the pervasive nature of racism in Wisconsin’s history, and we present the latest edition of our storytelling series, Ex Fabula.


  • Prentice McKinney, former NAACP Youth Commando leader
  • Jillian Jacklin, UW-Madison; Gianofer Fields, material culture contributor
  • Jim Spanger, essayist
  • Jen Rathburn, Midwest Cyber Security Alliance co-founder
  • Leah DeLaney, Ex Fabula co-founder; Bruce Winter, WUWM