At Least Two Democrats Could Run for Ryan Seat

Oct 14, 2013

Two people considering a run are Amar Kaleka and Rob Zerban. Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is expected to run for reelection next year.

Ryan is currently serving his eighth term, and is chair of the House Budget Committee.

Paul Ryan was reelected to the House last year. He’s up for election again in the fall of next year

On Monday, Amar Kaleka said he plans to seek the Democratic nomination to oppose Ryan. Kaleka is one of the sons of the slain president of the Oak Creek Sikh temple. The 35-year-old says he wants to restore accountability to Congress.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s Democratic opponent in the last election is considering entering the race. Rob Zerban has formed an exploratory committee. Its coordinator says Zerban is planning an “announcement rally” for later this month. Zerban is a former member of the Kenosha County Board.