Librarian Reflects Motherhood in her Prose

Aug 7, 2014

Librarian and poet, Erin Lorandos, reflects about her role as child and mother in poems for Mother's Day.
Credit Erin Lorandos

Motherhood is a very special chapter in the lives of women around the world. New mothers are showered with advice from family and friends. They no longer think of just themselves. Once they become a mother, their lives are changed forever.

Women often have difficult decisions to make when it comes to childrearing, trying to determine what is best for their child's future and what is best for them. Where is that perfect balance between work and family? What style of parenting will work the best?

In May, librarian and poet Erin Lorandos shared three poems in her reflections of motherhood. Not only does she reflect on her how she is raising her daughter, but also about how her mother raised her. 

"You always get that 'Well I will never do what my mother did' sort of thing or 'I really liked how my mother dealt with this' situation and so I am going to try to copy that or emulate that when I raise my own children," says Lorandos.

Librarian and poet Erin Lorandos is a native of Verona, Wisconsin, and is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is now a librarian at the Mesa Public Library. Her daughter is turning two in September and will have thousands of pictures documenting her childhood by the time she reaches adulthood.