Local Kids Get New Looks for the Start of School Year

Aug 26, 2014

Barber at Gee's cutting hair for start of new school year

For school age kids, Labor Day means the end of free time, and the return of homework.

To help some young Milwaukeeans prepare to go back to school, Gee’s Clippers offered them free haircuts and hairstyles on Monday. We dropped in to find out how kids are feeling as the countdown to school nears the end.

The clippers buzzed Monday at Gee’s Clippers on MLK drive. The rain didn’t deter 17-year-old Donovan Turner.

Dennis: “So you came into Gee’s today, did you get a fresh haircut?”

“Oh yeah, it’s real fresh,” Turner says.

Dennis: “Tell me about your haircut.”

“It wasn’t really much, just a new look that I wanted to try out for the new school year. Got a little part to it on the side and I got a taper lining with it. I think it looks real nice, especially in the mirror” Turner says.

Ashante Harris and her cousins Avery and Donovan Turner say they loved their new looks for the start of the school year

Donovan will be a senior at Morris Marshall high school. He’s says he’s ready to get back for a few reasons.

“Other than graduation I don’t know there’s a lot. There’s senior pictures, you know you got senior prom, you got senior homecoming, you got a whole lot of stuff that seniors actually do. You got senior trips. It’s a lot of stuff, so I’m just ready for everything,” Donovan says.

Donovan was joined at the barber shop by his younger brother Avery Turner.

Dennis: “Avery, how old are you?”

“I’m ten,” Avery says.

Dennis: “What grade are you in?”

“I’m going to the fifth,” Avery says.

Dennis: “And what school do you go to?”

“Bruce elementary,” Avery says.

Dennis: “You got a new haircut today?”

“Yes,” Avery says.

Dennis: “Tell me about your haircut.”

“At first I started thinking it would hurt. Sometimes they like my haircuts and then some people think it’s an up and some people think it’s a down,” Avery says.

Dennis: “Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Avery says.

Dennis: “What do you like about it?”

“I like the way it smells and that I don’t have to come it as much (be) cause it ain’t that much to comb,” Avery says.

Turner says he’s most excited about seeing his school friends again, but he’s also looking forward to his favorite subject--reading.

Aquira Williams (middle) says she's excited about going back to school

Nine-year-old Aquira Williams says that while she’s sad to see the days of camping trips and warm weather coming to an end she’s excited about the start of a new school year.

Dennis: “What subjects to you like most?”

“Gym and science,” Aquira says.

Dennis: “What do you like about science?”

“All the animals and all the things that you get to learn about,” Aquira says.

Thanks to the stylists at Gee’s, Aquira hair will either be flat ironed straight hair or braids for the start of school on September 2.