Manual Controller's Electronic Sound Mashes Microwaves

May 9, 2013

It’s been a while since the name Paul Schwarzkopf showed up in the Lake Effect credits.  But he's back, using audio waves in a whole new way.

Electronic band Manual Controller's new album is called "Salutations.
Credit Manual Controller

A few years ago, Paul Schwarzkopf was a production assistant on this show, and probably the vast majority of segments that aired between 2006 and 2008 ran through his capable editing hands.

He moved on to the next phase of his career – and the next location – the Twin Cities - where, among his other pursuits, he established the electronica music project, Manual Controller.  The band describes its sound, on its ReverbNation site, as “like a garbage truck full of microwaves.”

Schwarzkopf explained what the name, “Manual Controller” implies.

"I would come up with names like “Subterfuge,” or something that sounded really exciting or explosive, and then I would always Google it – “subterfuge band” – and I would come up with 15 to 25 Myspace pages with a band of that name," Schwarzkopf says.

Manual Controller's latest album is called “Salutations.” We played the ninth track, called "Moorland Road" as well as the song "Gentleman in the Hat."