Milwaukee Aldermen Honor Their Late Colleague, Tom Nardelli

Sep 2, 2014

Former Milwaukee Alderman and Walker aide Tom Nardelli died suddenly over the Labor Day weekend, at age 70.

Nardelli served as chief of staff for former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, before he was elected governor. Nardelli followed Walker to Madison for a job in the administration, but left a short time later.

It was Nardelli's call to the District Attorney's office in Milwaukee that led to a secret John Doe probe. He reported money missing from a veterans' fund, and during the investigation, prosecutors learned that some Walker aides in the county executive's office were doing campaign work on county time.

Earlier in his career, Nardelli served multiple terms on the Milwaukee Common Council. President Michael Murphy released a statement reading, in part, "he was a tireless advocate for his constituents and for the City of Milwaukee. Tom served on the Common Council from 1986 to 2004 with a fiscally-conservative approach that he was proud of, and he was welcoming of the nickname “No-delli” because he was truly dedicated to protecting (and being stingy with) taxpayer dollars and city resources. Those who knew Tom know about his love of politics and his personal dedication to his work as an elected official. Tom was in early and on time – something that he was used to as a longtime member and officer in the U.S. Army Reserves. When he chaired the Finance and Personnel Committee, you’d dare not show up to the meeting late or unprepared, as Tom would make sure members were held accountable."

Alderman Bob Donovan also shared recollections: "I served with Tom during my first term on the Council, and in many respects he was a mentor to me. I appreciated his open door policy, and his willingness to talk about issues one-on-one, and without an appointment. He was affable and he exuded common sense – something that I believe is in short supply today in too many circles. Tom was a true public servant who worked in the best interest of his constituents and the City of Milwaukee."