Milwaukee County Preparing to Help Residents Enroll in Federal Exchange

Sep 18, 2013

Starting Oct. 1, Americans can enroll in health care plans offered in the new federal marketplace. Milwaukee County is training staff to assist people.

County will also join efforts to educate people about the Affordable Healthcare Act, as its exchange prepares to open

Among residents the county is particularly targeting - those with mental health issues, seniors, former offenders and people the state will no longer accept into BadgerCare, because their incomes exceed 100% of the federal poverty line.

Staff training has been underway within several county offices, including the Dept. on Aging and the Behavioral Health Division.

According to County Executive Abele, "When the health care exchanges open, we know there will be a lot of questions."

Enrollment is expected to take, on average, an hour per person. People will need a copy of their latest income tax form or have access to it.

People who enroll will gain coverage on January first, as long as they pay the premium by mid-December. The federal government will offer subsidies to people with low-incomes.