Milwaukee Programs Can Make Move Into Senior Housing Less Overwhelming

Aug 20, 2014

A housing complex for older adults in West Allis caps rents at 30 percent of a person's income. The facility has a one year waiting list for new tenants.
Credit Bob Bach

Perhaps the most reassuring thing for some older adults and caregivers to hear is, "You are not alone."

Patricia Bruce, of  Interfaith Older Adult Programs, says many of the calls her agency receives are not pre-planned, but rather are associated with a family crisis.

"Mom and dad are in the hospital or they are ill and they need to move," Bruce says. "That's when we start working with family members about mom and dad staying at home safely, or moving, and the process that that involves regarding living options."

The Family Caregiver Support Network has counselors on duty to provide callers with a host of information. The resource center phone number for the Metro Milwaukee program is 414-220-8600.

Adele Lund of the Laureate Group conducts information seminars throughout the metro area on a regular basis. Lund says the sessions guide caregivers on  how to access services.

"Sometimes it's helping the children understand what they're seeing and putting a different perspective on it," Lund says.

She says sometimes a change can make older adults more independent and healthier.