Milwaukee Rapper WebsterX: From Desperate Youth to Renaissance

Aug 21, 2014


Milwaukee-based experimental rapper Sam Ahmed a.k.a. WebsterX, may still be new to the scene, but he's already going through a rebirth.  Making music for a little over a year now, the success of his 2013 debut album Desperate Youth threw him for a bit of a tailspin, and got him thinking about life and music at an even deeper level. 

The result of that contemplation, as well as months of careful crafting, is evident in his new single, Renaissance, which features two fellow Miltown artists: singer Lex Allen and rapper D.Bridge. They recently visited the WUWM studio to share their thoughts with Rachel Owens, and to perform some tracks.  Session engineered and mixed by Jon Strelecki

Songs featured:

  • Blue Dream
  • Meant to Be
  • Renaissance