Milwaukee's Global Water Hub Gets Boost from French Innovation

Mar 18, 2013

Milwaukee’s ambition to become global water hub took a step forward last week when the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp announced it will pump seed money into the effort. The Water Council – the local trade association that spearheaded the big picture plan - will disperse $50,000 WEDC-funded grants to six water tech startups.

Although the dollar amount might seem a drop in the innovative-process bucket, the prize comes with a six-month lease at the council’s incubator building - due to open in July. Among the creative forces they’ll encounter, will be a small French company that has high hopes for its wastewater management tool. The company had already decided to open a branch in Milwaukee before this latest announcement.

We talk with Yves Dudal of Envolure
Credit Susan Bence

Its founder spent time in Milwaukee last week and met WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence in the midst of hammering and drilling in the evolving water technology space in Walkers Point.

Yves Dudal is president and cofounder of the French company Envolure. He says the company is taking a unique approach to wastewater.

"We have adapted some high-tech methodology from the biomedical field to this environmental field. At Evolure, we believe a blood sample and a wastewater sample are identical," he says.

The company’s Milwaukee-based staff person is already at work here; and will occupy a corner of the water technology building when its doors open next summer.