Milwaukee's Quattro Horns: Sharing the Majestic Sound of French Horns for More than 20 Years

Oct 3, 2017

For more than 20 years, the Milwaukee ensemble Quattro Horns has played at everything from corporate events to the commencement at the Medical College of Wisconsin, to weddings and private parties.  Three of the four members - Robert Ditmer, Joe Hill, and Jo Hoffmann - have been with the group since its founding.  Dain Shuler is the new kid on the block.

"The horn is a fascinating instrument. I know those trumpet and trombone players out there would think theirs are equally fascinating, but horns have quite an interesting development," says Quattro Horns founding member Robert Ditmer. "And we include that in our first concert and that draws (the audience) in even further into the beautiful sounds that we can get, knowing the unusual development and history of the instrument."

Quattro Horns first appeared on Lake Effect 11 years ago, and we thought it was high time to invite them back.  So they brought their French Horns to the performance studio and shared some music with us: