Mixing Dogs with Wolves

Aug 29, 2012

Humane societies hope to bring down Wisconsin's first wolf hunt.

A group of humane societies will have their day in court Wednesday as they attempt to put a stop to Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt.

It is scheduled to begin October 15. Advocates of the hunt say it’s an appropriate mechanism to control wolves that attack livestock and pets.

The new law allows hunters to use dogs to track and trail wolves.

Those seeking an injunction say confrontations between wolves and dogs could result in the inhumane death of dogs.

Wildlife biologist Dick Thiel observed and studied wolf behavior over his 33 year career with the Wisconsin DNR.

He told WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence that he fears the use of dogs will be problematic.

A Dane County Circuit Court is expected to whether to stop the wolf hunt, until the DNR establishes restrictions on the use of dogs.