New Book Features "Eyes of India" and Work of Milwaukee Kids

Sep 24, 2013

Art is often a leap of faith - an innate belief that your painting, or your music, or writing is going to touch people the way you intended. 

But writer - and artist - Michael Greer has found a way to better stack the deck in his favor.  As he wrote his new middle-grade novel, The Eyes of India, he turned for help to students at his daughter's Milwaukee school. 

The students - 5th through 8th graders at Woodlands School - helped create the illustrations in the book and helped shape the story, as well.

The book takes on some difficult subjects and tries to capture an Indian sensibility - and Greer was concerned that his treatment of the topics would reach his audience as he intended.

"I really wanted something, to be able to have a book that my daughter could read and just give some different ideas about what happens when you die." - Michael Greer

Greer and his wife, fellow author-illustrator Andrea Skyberg will talk about creating books and collaboration Friday evening at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee.