The New Red Moons: Mesmerizing Milwaukee

Jul 10, 2014

(l to r) Joe McIlheran, Kavi Laud, and Jeff Brueggeman in Studio C.
Credit Rachel Owens

The New Red Moons are back. Well, they didn’t really go anywhere  – they’ve just been working on their new album, Mesmérisme. But it’s been well-worth the wait.

With an original sound that blends rich melodies, tight harmonies, and punchy instrumentals, The New Red Moons do Milwaukee proud. They take inspiration from many genres, including 60s rock, old-timey folk and modern lo-fi, but they always follow their instincts to stay true to their own sound.

They recently stopped by the WUWM Studio to talk with Rachel Owens about their new album, getting shipwrecked, and to rock out with a few songs. The New Red Moons are: Joe McIlheran, Kavi Laud, and Jeff Brueggeman. 

Kavi Laud on drums and Jeff Brueggeman on bass guitar.
Credit Rachel Owens