News Roundup of John Doe Emails: Secret Computer Network, Racist Comments

Feb 20, 2014

News outlets have scanned thousands of emails and documents that a John Doe investigation uncovered and the court released on Wednesday. Here is some of what has been reported so far:

Buzzfeed called attention to two racist emails. One was sent by Thomas Nardelli, Gov. Walker’s chief of staff when he was Milwaukee County Executive and the other by Kelly Rindfleisch, Walker’s then-deputy chief of staff.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker involved both his county and campaign offices in addressing a crises at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex.

The Huffington Post uncovered the firing of a female doctor because of her "checkered" past in an email exchange between Walker and his then-chief of staff.

WisPolitics reported that then-County Executive Walker might have known about the secret computer network set up by his aides.

Isthmus found that then-chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin may have "played favorites" during the 2010 GOP primary for governor.