Not All Summer Films are Blockbusters: Lake Effect talks Movies with Dave Luhrssen

Jul 18, 2013

While summer is usually the time for Hollywood blockbusters, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other good films to be seen during the hot months. Plenty of alternatives are available for the non-teenaged film-goer.

Contributor Dave Luhrssen joins Lake Effect's Dan Harmon to talk about two of these films, beginning with Woody Allen’s newest, Blue Jasmine. Allen is normally associated with New York City, but for the past few films his locales have been in Europe. In Blue Jasmine, he’s back in this country, but on the opposite coast in San Francisco.

They also discuss the new movie Girl Most Likely:

Lake Effect contributor Dave Luhrssen is the Arts & Entertainment Editor at the Shepherd Express Weekly, and the author of its I Hate Hollywood blog.