Power Switch: Series will Explore State of Green Energy in Wisconsin

Jun 7, 2013

Reports examine green power's growth here and potential. We visit energy producers and users, capturing strong opinions.

Project Milwaukee Executive Producer Ann-Elise Henzl chatted with Bob Bach, to give a series overview.

Many people only pay attention to energy issues when gas or home heating prices rise. Others become wary, when the air is unsafe for certain groups to breathe.

However, some people make a habit of living as sustainably as possible, and businesses are investing in technology that produces green power.

Next week, the WUWM News reporters and Lake Effect producers will explore the state of green energy in Wisconsin, in Project Milwaukee: Power Switch. Reports and interviews will examine the promise and reality of renewable power. Each day will feature a different topic:

  • Green power’s emergence
  • Utilities and renewable energy
  • Businesses leading the way
  • The politics of green energy
  • Residents going green
  • The future of renewable energy

As part of the series, WUWM will hold a panel discussion on Monday June 10 at Discovery World. The discussion will feature panelists with a variety of perspectives.

The forum is free and open to the public. Reserve your spot in the audience today.