President Obama Says America is Moving Forward

Sep 1, 2014

President Obama pushes for raising the minimum wage in Milwaukee
Credit LaToya Dennis

President Obama addressed thousands of labor supporters at Milwaukee’s annual Laborfest on Monday.

President Obama’s 31 minute speech harkened back to his 2008 campaign. He asked the crowd to not only believe in him, but to believe in themselves. He says America is on the move and no political party will stand in the way of American values. He says its time the lowest paid workers make a little more.

“That’s how I measure progress, not just by how well the economy is doing overall, but how it’s doing for folks who are working so hard, doing everything right, just want a fair shot and didn’t have anything handed to them in their lives. Weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths,” Obama says.

Mr. Obama blamed the lack of movement at the federal level on Republicans. At one point he told the crowd not to boo because they didn’t like something, to vote.