Procedure for Unemployment Benefits Goes into Effect October 2013

Sep 5, 2013

The latest data from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development shows that about 79,000 people here receive unemployment benefits. 

New claimants for unmployment in Wisconsin will soon have to upload resumes to a new site to receive benefits.
Credit Rkwriting/Wikimedia commons

Starting next month, people who apply to receive those benefits will have to take another step to indicate they’re actively looking for work.

They’ll be required to register at a state jobs website and be asked to upload a work history that could connect them with companies looking for workers.

Reggie Newson is the Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development.

"Every claimant as we continue to move forward will be required to register and create the profile and resume on to continue to receive benefits," he says.

The shift in policy goes into practice Oct. 13th.