Racine Art Museum Showcases "The Life and Times of Robert W. Ebendorf: Jeweler and Metalsmith"

Nov 12, 2014

The Racine Art Museum specializes in contemporary crafts; showcasing things like glasswork, ceramics, and jewelry of all kinds. 

One of the prominent artists represented in their permanent collection is American jeweler and metalsmith Robert Ebendorf. Ebendorf is originally from Kansas and has been on the forefront of contemporary work in objects of adornment since the 60s.

Ebendorf is also a pioneer in using found objects – bits and pieces of what other might consider trash become precious is his reuse of them in his work.

"Instead of maybe using diamonds and golds and pearls all the time...I might be using a piece of metal off the street...but these objects become my gold, become my precious material. And I treat them with that kind of respect," Ebendorf says in an interview with Lake Effect's Bonnie North.

Accompanying the exhibit is a new hardcover book exploring Ebendorf's work and philosophy as seen through the RAM collection. Robert W. Ebendorf: The Work in Depth includes over 35 images, two essays, and an interview with the artist. The retrospective exhibit of his work is on view at the RAM through January 18th, 2015.

Robert Ebendorf will be at a special meet-the-artist event this Friday evening at the Racine Art Museum.

This interview originally aired August 5, 2014.