School of Freshwater Sciences to Launch Genomics Center

Mar 19, 2014

School of Freshwater Sciences - a work in progress.
Credit S Bence

UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences is a step closer to achieving its goal to grow. On Tuesday, The Fund for Lake Michigan awarded the school a hefty grant.

Right now, the freshwater school - located where Greenfield Avenue bumps into Milwaukee’s inner harbor – is a massive construction zone.

Its $53 million expansion is multiplying classrooms and labs. Somewhere in the midst of the enlarged space, the new $500,000 grant will help the Great Lakes Genomics Center come to life.

The financial contribution is part of a larger challenge grant.  It aims to raise funds to acquire state-of-the-art equipment essential to genomic research.

While the federal government’s Human Genome Project develops new insights into human diseases and ways to fight them; the Freshwater School’s program will tackle Great Lakes issues through a genomic lens - including ways to tackle water quality and habitat problems.