Select Stakeholders Invited to DNR Wolf Management Round Table

Mar 22, 2013

Wisconsin recently concluded its first wolf hunt, on the heels of the animal’s removal from the list of endangered species.

The DNR is in the process of creating permanent rules for the hunt, and setting quotas for this year’s harvest.

Opinions swing wide and hot around questions such as, how many wolves can safely share the state’s landscape, and how to incorporate dogs into the hunt. The agency says it wants public input – starting with a roundtable discussion Saturday in Madison.

DNR is beginning to come up with wolf management plan.
Credit P McConnell

WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence asked state wildlife ecology section chief Bill Vander Zouwen about the gathering.

He says only invited speakers will be allowed to comment, because organizers did not want the meeting to be “unmanageable.” Yet, he says a cross-section of interests will be represented.