Senate Approves Budget by One Vote

Jun 21, 2013

The state Senate has sent Governor Walker a $68 billion spending plan for Wisconsin for 2013-15.

 The package would cut income taxes by $650 million, expand school vouchers statewide and reject federal money to expand Medicaid coverage. Instead, the state would cover all households up to 100% of the poverty line, rather than up to 130%. 

The budget would also end local residency rules, such as Milwaukee's, although communities could require first-responders to live within 15 miles of the job. Tuition at the UW System schools would be frozen for two years, and school funding for K-12 would increase by $150 per student.

Senator Dale Schultz was the lone Republican who joined all Democrats in opposing the spending plan. They contend it does not represent or serve the needs of constituents.

Supporters of the budget insist it will put Wisconsin on the right track economically and socially.