Senate President Questions Walker’s Criteria for Casino Decision

Aug 28, 2013

Republican Mike Ellis says the governor is contradicting the principle of free enterprise, by putting certain restrictions on a potential casino.

Walker says he’ll allow the Menominee tribe to build an off-reservation casino in Kenosha if a few conditions are met, including that the project gets the approval of all the state’s tribes.

Sen. Mike Ellis says the governor is ignoring the free enterprise system, by allowing other tribes to potentially block a Menominee casino

Perhaps the biggest opponents of the Kenosha plan are the Potawatomi. They operate the casino and bingo hall in Milwaukee, and don’t want to lose business to the Menominee tribe.

Sen. Ellis says by listening to opponents from other tribes, Walker is contradicting the free enterprise system. Ellis says it’s the same as if a Menards store in a community was allowed to prevent a new Fleet Farm store from being built.

Last week, the federal government gave the Menominee tribe permission to develop the casino, but Walker has the final say.