Song Premiere: Jennifer Castle, 'Sailing Away'

Aug 18, 2014
Originally published on July 8, 2015 12:02 pm

When people think of Toronto's music scene, the first name that comes to mind rhymes with "fake." But there's actually a bunch of great new folk acts operating in and around Canada's queen city, too. Jennifer Castle possesses one of the scene's prettiest voices, as you can hear in "Sailing Away," a highlight of her upcoming album, Pink City (due out Sept. 2).

Castle is a veteran in what you might call Canada's "outsider" music community, appearing on albums by F---- Up and Constantines and recording three full-length records prior to Pink City. In "Sailing Away," she channels her inner Joni Mitchell as her voice trickles effortlessly upward during the song's first verse. The beauty and imagery of the chorus — "And now I'm sailing away" — masks a bittersweet truth: "When you don't need nothing, there's a certain type of game you play."

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