'Spectre' Breaks James Bond Stereotypes

Nov 20, 2015

Two of the most popular movie out now could not be more different. The animated Peanuts movie is becoming a family favorite just in time for the holidays and on the other end of the spectrum is Spectre - the latest entry in a long line of James Bond films.

Film contributor Dave Luhrssen say where the Bond franchise has been and where it’s going makes this film an especially noteworthy addition.

"Its taking a stand against a couple of things," Luhrssen says, "against the all-pervasive surveillance state which is a danger in our world right now given technology and its also a warning against techno-utopians." 

One of the James Bond staples is the Bond girl. Historically Bond girls have been scantily clad women with little ability to help the protagonist. Or, they've been backstabbing eye-candy unleashed on Bond to distract him from a mission. Luhrssen says Spectre does the complete opposite.

"Her character, I think, was very respectable and understandable, and sympathetic." Luhrssen says, "the gross objectification of women that Bond films have often been guilty of didn't happen here."