Supervisor "Samples" Homelessness

Oct 30, 2013

Boxes of donated clothes and supplies tucked inside a room in the Dineen Park golf shack await distribution following an event to call attention to homelessness in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo spent Tuesday night on a bench at Dineen ParkĀ  to call attention to homelessness in Milwaukee.

Michael Mayo is finishing a night of social activism. Mayo spent Tuesday and night and wee hours of Wednesday on a bench in Dineen Park participating in what was called a "sleepover for homelessness."

Mayo says the event taught him a powerful lesson.

"That I am going to work hard and not be homeless, being out here is no joke," Mayo says.

The sleepover event was designed to call attention to the growing problem of homelessness here.

Mayo says there are more than 3,100 people in Milwaukee County who are chronically homeless.

"Homelessness is an issue that often goes ignored by people. But too many people, including children will be sleeping outdoors this winter," Mayo says.

He's advocating for an increase in funding to help get more homeless people into permanent shelters.