T-Shirt Company Capitalizes on Ref's 'Worst Call Ever' in Packer Game

Sep 26, 2012

The T-shirt company says fans never should forget the bad call during the Monday Night Football game.

A Wisconsin T-shirt company is capitalizing on the Packers’ loss to the Seahawks Monday night. Green Bay lost to Seattle in the last play of the game, because of a disputed call by the NFL’s replacement officials. They’re filling in for union referees, amid a lockout.

Oppermacher is producing two green T-shirts with gold letters. One style features the statement “Worst Call Ever.” The second style simply says “Blown.” On both shirts, the words are followed by the date of the game.

The company says it is selling the shirts at a price of $12.07, “which should have been the final score.”

Oppermacher says fans will never forget the game – nor should they want to. The company’s website tells prospective customers: “Just like the team will use this travesty to fuel them the rest of 2012, you can use it to fuel your fandom.”