Three Weeks In - Whitefish Bay Native Shares Paddle Forward Progress

Oct 11, 2013

Lunch break

Eleven people continue to paddle the length of the Mississippi. One – a Whitefish Bay native – provides a Paddle Forward update.

Three weeks in now, 24-year old Martha Brummitt says they navigated their first lock.

"We were prepared with some seat cushions on the sides because people had told us you might bang into the wall with turbulent water but it was super calm....we pulled a long rope and a man spoke back to us on a speaker phone and told us to wait about 10 minutes for the green light. There was a stop light in front of us and when it turned green we paddled forward through the opening doors and then we down about 12 feet. really slowly, and then the doors started to open at the other end and we paddled out."