Thursday on Lake Effect: ACLU MPD Report Analysis, 'Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed,' Hubble Telescope

Feb 22, 2018

Thursday on Lake Effect:

We learn more about an analysis of Milwaukee Police records that shows racial disparities and lack of probable cause in who is stopped by police in the city. Then, an exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum explores the ancient Mayan civilization of Central America and shows not only who the Maya were, but also who they are now. Our astronomy contributor talks about the impact the Hubble Space telescope has had on our understanding of the universe. And we have an essay about the powerful connection between music and memory.


  • Karyn Rotker, ACLU of Wisconsin staff attorney
  • Ann-Elise Henzl, WUWM
  • Carter Lupton, Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Jean Creighton, astronomy contributor
  • Kiran Vedula, musician