Thursday on Lake Effect: Estabrook Dam, Medical Malpractice Laws, MSOE's Grohmann Museum

Sep 4, 2014

Thursday on Lake Effect:

As the decision on the fate of the Estabrook Dam nears, we’ll hear the latest from WUWM’s environmental reporter Susan Bence. Then, a parent who lost his daughter 15 years ago, advocates for reforming medical malpractice laws in Wisconsin. A new book and exhibit at MSOE’s Grohmann Museum examines the work of 20th century German industrial painters. And the Madison born writer Marja Mills shares her remarkable memoir of getting to know Harper Lee.


  • Susan Bence, WUWM Environmental Reporter
  • Eric Rice from Gresham, Wisconsin, and Ann Jacobs, Milwaukee attorney
  • Dr. Patrick Jung, Associate Professor of General Studies at MSOE, James Kieselburg, Executive Director of the Grohmann Museum
  • Marja Mills, author​