Thursday on Lake Effect: Gwen Moore, John Lewis, Old World Wisconsin

Aug 21, 2014

Thursday on Lake Effect:

In the aftermath of Ferguson, Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore hopes that the conversation turns to better police-community relations all over the country. Then, Georgia Congressman, civil rights veteran, and now comic book author, John Lewis talks about what he thinks college students should know about non-violent protest. We'll learn about one of the big challenges in maintaining a living museum like Old World Wisconsin, and essayist Alexandra Rosas reflects on growing up in Milwaukee as a first generation immigrant.​


  • Gwen Moore, US Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District
  • John Lewis, civil rights veteran and US Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district
  • Jennifer Van Haaften, Associate Director of Program and Historical Resources at Old World Wisconsin
  • Essayist Alexandra Rosas