Thursday on Lake Effect: Preparing for Budget Cuts, 'Never Curse the Rain,' 'Beauty and the Beast'

Mar 15, 2017

Thursday on Lake Effect

A Milwaukee nonprofit prepares for the possibility of AmeriCorps budget cuts. Later, prolific and distinctive Wisconsin writer, Jerry Apps, offers a tour of his hundreds of acres in Central Wisconsin. Then, food contributor Kyle Cherek explains why chefs are drawn to creating pop-up dining experiences. And a behind-the-scenes look at Skylight Music Theatre's Beauty and the Beast which features larger-than-life puppetry. 


  • Kelly Schaer, program director, College Possible; Ben Rangel, College Possible coach, AmeriCorps member
  • Jerry Apps, author, Never Curse the Rain: A Farm Boy's Reflection on Water
  • Kyle Cherek, Lake Effect food contributor
  • James Ortiz and Lisa Schlenker, Beauty and the Beast, Skylight Music Theatre