Thursday on Lake Effect: Segregation and the Environment, Fresh Food, Rise of Reince Priebus

Mar 8, 2017

Thursday on Lake Effect

Project Milwaukee: Segregation Matters continues with how segregation and environmental health are linked. We hear perspectives from both national and local sources. Later, an effort to solve a challenge in some Milwaukee neighborhoods: easy access to fresh food. And Reince Priebus’s unlikely rise from a Republican candidate in Kenosha to White House chief-of-staff.


  • Jacqui Patterson, director, NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program
  • Davita Flowers-Shanklin, Urban Ecology Center
  • Chris Simmons, clinical associate professor, Marquette University; Abby Busse, senior, Marquette; Tim McCullow, Homegrown Initiative, City of Milwaukee; Mary Andres, resident, Martin Drive neighborhood
  • Joe Potente, former reporter and editor, Kenosha News