Thursday on Lake Effect: Thanksgiving Food History & Sources, Farmer's Fridge, Author Kathy Bero

Nov 23, 2017

Thursday on Lake Effect:

It's a food themed show for Thanksgiving. Contributor Kyle Cherek kicks things off by explaining the history of some of the traditional foods we serve today. Then, contributor Dave Kozlowski says when you do sit down to your holiday meal, thank a Wisconsin farmer. We meet a Chicago man who has stepped up the vending machine game with his business Farmer's Fridge, and how a Milwaukee area woman learned how food can be a powerful complement to traditional medicine.


  • Kyle Cherek, Wisconsin Foodie
  • Dave Kozlowski, Pinehold Farms
  • Luke Saunders, Farmer's Fridge
  • Kathy Bero, author, E.A.T.: An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient