Tuesday on Lake Effect: James Foley, Roundtable on Race Relations in Milwaukee, Food Sovereignty

Aug 26, 2014

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

As Marquette hosts vigil tonight in the memory of alumnus and slain reporter James Foley, our foreign policy contributor reflects on the meaning of his life, and death. Then, in the wake of Ferguson, we hear the second part of our roundtable discussion on race relations in Milwaukee, and essayist and criminal justice professor Tina Freiburger comments on building a culture of trust between the police and the youngest members of a community. A local event hopes to teach people the meaning of food sovereignty, and essayist Kyle Cherek remarks on the loss of two significant Wisconsin slaughterhouses.


  • Art Cyr, Professor of Political Economy and World Business and Lake Effect foreign policy contributor
  • LaToya Dennis with panelists Kenneth Harris, Claire Van Fossen, Amante Gray, Keith Stanley, Tracey Johnson, and Angela Walker
  • Tina Freiburger, Essayist
  • Gretchen Mead, founder of Milwaukee’s Victory Garden Initiative
  • Kyle Cherek, Essayist and Wisconsin Foodie