Tuesday on Lake Effect: 'Milwaukee 53206,' 'Cameraperson,' 'Behind the Pearl Earrings'

Dec 27, 2016

Tuesday on Lake Effect

Filmmaker Keith McQuirter talks about his documentary, Milwaukee 53206, which tackles the subject of mass incarceration through the lens of the families it affects. Then, noted cinematographer Kirsten Johnson reflects on the power of the camera in her film, Cameraperson. Later, another documentary gives new insights into a Milwaukee native – the late war correspondent Dickey Chappelle and how she went about her work.


  • Keith McQuirter, filmmaker, Milwaukee 53206: A Community Serves Time
  • Kirsten Johnson, filmmaker, Cameraperson
  • Maryann Lazarski, director and producer, Behind the Pearl Earrings
  • Trapper Schoepp, musician; Caroline Jaecks, filmmaker