Two Guitar Giants Performed Together for the First Time in Milwaukee

May 15, 2014

Guitarists Lucas Michailidis and Peter Lang performed at the Zelazo Center on May 1st.
Credit MKE Unplugged

The fingerstyle guitar program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee not only trains the next generation of guitarists but also brings in world class musicians to teach and perform.

Two giants of the guitar world, Peter Lang of Minnesota, and Lucas Michailidis from Australia, gave a free concert at the Zelazo Center as part of the MKE Unplugged series. Michailidis is in residency at UWM for the fingerstyle program.

The two men are both guitarists, but they have very different styles. Lang plays country blues, cakewalks and rags, while Michailidis is more lyrical and atmospheric.

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