Vice President Pence Touts Tax Overhaul in Waukesha

Sep 28, 2017

One day after the Trump administration unveiled its tax overhaul plan, Vice President Mike Pence made a stop at a manufacturing plant in Waukesha to promote the proposal. He addressed families and business leaders inside the facility, with Gov. Walker at his side. WUWM found some people who live near the plant, who stepped outdoors to watch the fanfare.

Vice President Pence visited Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha, after first stopping in Michigan to tout the Republican tax overhaul Thursday. Pence told the crowd gathered at the plant that the plan offers a -- quote -- "fairer, simpler tax code."

Under the proposal unveiled by the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress, the corporate tax rate would be slashed by 15 percent. The top rate for individuals would be lowered from around 40 percent to 35 percent. And the current seven individual tax brackets would be lessened to three, ranging from 12 to 35 percent. Mary Anne Geis, who lives near Weldall, says she’s thrilled President Trump wants to lower taxes for people who are not wealthy.

“I’m not a millionaire as you can well see and I work hard for my money,” Geis says.

Still, Geis admits she has some reservations about the proposal.

“I mean they take a big hunk of your hard earned money out of your pay. I would like to see them lower, but at the same time, I don’t want to get them so low that they’re going to be taxing us somewhere else,” Geis says.

While taxes were on Geis’ mind, other financial concerns rose to the top for neighbor Melinda Gasser. She works in a hospital and says a lot of people don’t accept the needed treatment because they can’t afford it. Gasser says it’s disappointing that Congress hasn't put forth a health care plan for President Trump to sign.

“He’s had too many people that are against it. It feels sad that nobody wants to make change, and we need the change,” Gasser says.

Gasser says Trump speaks for the common people and has her full support.

After the Vice President stopped in Waukesha, Pence attended a fundraiser in Milwaukee Thursday evening. Supporters paid $2,700 to get in the door. Couples who wished to dine with Pence had to contribute $35,000.