Video: Irish Comedian Goes Global - and Rags on American Culture

Jan 10, 2014

Irish comedian Dylan Moran was in Milwaukee for a show last fall.
Credit Dylan Moran Facebook

If you set out to name five current stand-up comedians, the name Dylan Moran probably wouldn’t make your list.

That is, unless you’re a fan of the 2004 cult movie hit, “Shaun of the Dead” or the obscure BBC television show “Black Books,” which had a three-season run a decade ago.

Despite his dabbling in movies and TV, Irish comedian Dylan Moran remains a staple of the stand-up circuit, on a global level. In fact, he was just in Milwaukee last fall for a show at Turner Hall.

His humor is observational, commenting on things like relationships and culture, with the obvious additional perspective of an outsider looking at American life. 

Here's a sample:

Note: The video below includes some adult language.