Walker: Border Children Could Drain The Entire System

Jul 25, 2014

Gov. Walker voiced concerns Friday about unaccompanied children crossing the Mexican border and seeking refuge here.
Credit Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Gov. Scott Walker says he's not entirely opposed to Wisconsin providing temporary shelter for unaccompanied children crossing into the U. S. on the Mexican border, but housing them could eventually "drain the entire system."

Walker spoke Friday following a campaign stop in Deerfield.  He says he's concerned about the risks children face in traveling many miles to the U. S. and the cost of dealing with them once they're here.

He says if the children aren't sent home quickly, they'll likely blend into communities, and "that's going to have costs and drain the entire system."

Walker spoke a day after Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wisconsin should not be considered a site to temporarily house the children.