Waukesha Voters Oust Scrima

Apr 2, 2014

Attorney and political newcomer Shawn Reilly will become the new mayor of Waukesha.

Reilly defeated first-term Mayor Jeff Scrima in Tuesday’s election.

Shawn Reilly will become the new mayor of Waukesha

During the campaign, Reilly criticized Scrima for poor communication with the Waukesha Common Council, and for delaying the city’s application for Lake Michigan water. The city’s underground water supply is running low, and is tainted with radium, which can cause cancer.

Reilly says he promises to cooperate with other city leaders.

“I want a common council that works together well with each other, works well with the mayor and works well with other governmental entities, and a city that works well with its employees and is responsive to its citizens,” Reilly says.

Jeff Scrima’s campaign focused on the 700 jobs he says were created under his watch. He promised to help add another 400, if reelected.

Scrima was a political newcomer four years ago, when he defeated the city’s previous mayor, Larry Nelson.