Wednesday on Lake Effect: End of DACA, Concussions, Memorizing Music, 'Unsolved' Podcast

Sep 6, 2017

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

News analyst Charlie Sykes discusses the end of DACA, the rocky road ahead for President Trump, and the end of the Sheriff Clarke era here in Milwaukee. Then, a leading concussion doctor says after years of scare tactics, patients are finally taking concussions seriously. Later, cellist Robert Cohen talks about the the difficulty of memorizing music - a crucial skill for classical musicians, but one that doesn't always come easily. Plus, a preview of the second season for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "Unsolved" podcast and newspaper series.


  • Charlie Sykes, news analyst and former talk show host
  • Dr. Kevin Walter, clinical researcher, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  • Robert Cohen, cellist
  • Gina Barton, criminal justice investigative reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel