Wine Contributor Visits Napa Valley After The Major Earthquake

Nov 4, 2014

Credit Christian Haugen / Flickr

A little over two months ago, people in California’s Napa Valley were awakened by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake.  

It was the largest in the region since the Loma Pieta earthquake in 1989, and one of few recently to have been centered in the wine-growing region, specifically. 

Lake Effect’s wine contributor, Ray Fister, paid a visit to Napa recently to learn how the region was faring in the wake of the temblor. He says there wasn’t so much damage to this year’s crop of grapes as there was to what was already in cellars.

"There are some wineries - boutique wineries - that make 800 cases, 4,000 cases, that kind of thing, who lost their '13 vintage. And to loose an entire vintage means well gosh, you're going to go this year without a paycheck," Fister says.

Lake Effect's wine contributor, Ray Fister runs the wine blog and podcast, Life Between the Vines. Fister also owns 5th Floor Recording in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward.