Wisconsin Veterans Museum Adds 'War on Terror' Exhibit

May 26, 2014

The display will focus mainly on recordings of veterans' stories, because there are not many physical items to display from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wisconsin museum seeks to tell the story of America's War on Terror, through the memories of its veterans.

Museum Director Michael Telzrow says since the U.S. engaged in wars in Korea and Vietnam, the government has restricted the so-called "war trophies" soldiers can bring home.

However, planners have collected a few items to display. They include a medic's bag that an IED damaged, when someone detonated it near a vehicle carrying American soldiers and a canteen a U.S. serviceman got from a British soldier, when the two exchanged.

Telzrow says the museum has been recording veterans telling their stories about service in the Middle East, and those will be the War on Terror exhibit's centerpiece.

He says going forward, the museum will add components about life back in the states, for returning veterans.