Wolf Harvest Zone to Close Wednesday

Oct 22, 2013

Hunters killed 95 wolves statewide, in the first week of the wolf hunt

State officials say Wolf Harvest Zone 2 in northeastern Wisconsin will close to hunting and trapping at 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.

The Department of Natural Resources says the harvest quota for the zone was set at 28. The closure process began, after hunters reported killing 26 wolves.

Zone 2 is the first to close during the state’s second annual wolf hunt, which began Oct. 15.

Zone 2 in northeastern Wisconsin will close Wednesday afternoon

The hunt will end Feb. 28, or sooner, if quotas in the harvest zones are reached. The statewide quota is 251 wolves.

As of Tuesday, hunters had killed 95 wolves statewide, about twice as many as during the first week of last year’s hunt.

The DNR says the wolf population last winter was estimated to be around 834.