Woman Accuses Milwaukee Sheriff's Department of Framing Her to Protect Deputy

Jul 8, 2014

Tanya Weyker has filed a civil rights complaint against Sheriff David Clarke and deputies, claiming they withheld video of a crash that broke her neck.

According to the federal lawsuit Weyker filed on Tuesday, Deputy Joseph Quiles ran a stop sign and t-boned her car, but then falsely accused her of driving drunk and causing the accident. The complaint states that a few days after the incident, county officials learned that video footage existed showing Quiles at fault for the crash, and a test detected to showed no alcohol in Weyker's blood.

The suit accuses Clarke, Quiles and others of conspiracy, false arrest and malicious prosecution, for continuing to pursue criminal charges against Weyker, despite knowing what had actually occurred. The charges against her were eventually dismissed.

Weyker is demanding a monetary damages.