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Jess Klein and Mike June joined Bruce Winter for an in studio interview while on tour and on their way to Chicago. Their tour was done in support for Jess Klein's album Learning Faith.

Jenny Lewis talks to Bruce Winter during her voyager tour before her concert at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, after years of not being in the area.

Charlie Faye talks to Bruce Winter about the concept for her new album, which would consist of her taking sounds and styles from girl groups from the 50's and 60's and bringing them to 2015.

In studio interview and performance by Billy Prine and John Sieger.

In studio interview and performance with founding members of the band Cracker. They were in the Milwaukee area during their tour for the double album Berkeley to Bakersfield.

In studio interview and performance by Rose Cousins, popping into the studio during her first tour in the Milwaukee area.

Brian Posehn

In Milwaukee, it's easy to get overwhelmed when choosing which summer festivals to attend. The Milwaukee Comedy Festival is celebrating "Ten Years of Funny!" August 6-8 .

Billed as Wisconsin's largest comedy event, the annual festival features performers from across the United States and Canada, and takes place at the Next Act Theatre, and for the first time at the Historic Turner Hall.

Album of the Week: The Traveler By: Rhett Miller

May 6, 2015

There are two important words that come to mind when I think of what makes a musical artist popular and able to maintain his or her fan base while causing it to expand. Those two words are consistency and credibility, which naturally play off of one another. It also helps if you are considered to be one of the pioneers of a genre of music, namely, alternative country. Front man of the band, Old 97’s -- Rhett Miller, has released six solo-albums dating all the way back to 1989.


More often than not, music artists take a good amount of time to think, write, record and produce a final product in the form of an album. It is typically a process that evolves over the course of its creation, but occasionally, everything will align perfectly and an album is created in a much shorter period of time; three days to be exact. One of these albums is the upcoming eighth release, Like the 1st time, from Clarence Bucaro.

Lex Allen with the Non-Family

Apr 15, 2015

  Rachel Owens interviewed Milwaukee’s own Lex Allen singer/songwriter when he stopped by the WUWM@Nite studio. He performed a few tracks from his E.P. Anonymous Vibes with  two other members of the New Age Narcissism "Non-Family" Q the Sun and Lorde Fredd33 helping out.