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Arts & Culture
12:08 pm
Thu December 4, 2014

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Loebe Performs "Down to the Wire" in the WUWM Studio

Rebecca Loebe performs and talks traveling in the WUWM studio.
Credit Credit: rebeccaloebe.com

You may know Rebecca Loebe from her spin on NBC’s “The Voice,” performing a stirring rendition of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.” But she was already working hard on her songwriting chops when that opportunity popped up for her almost out of the blue.

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Arts & Culture
11:31 pm
Fri November 28, 2014

The Memphis Dawls "Shoot 'em Down" in the WUWM Studio

Krista Wroten (l), Holly Cole (c), and Jana Misener (r) make up the folk trio The Memphis Dawls, performing in the WUWM studio with Rachel Owens.

Our studio doors have opened to many roots inspired acts, but few have had the orchestral leanings of The Memphis Dawls. The trio’s sister-like camaraderie is apparent in both conversation and song. Their first full-length release, “Rooted in the Bone,” was released yesterday on Madjack Records. They spoke with Rachel Owens about their Memphis roots, recording, and playing with Jack White. They started by performing “Please Don’t Leave Me Now.” 

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Arts & Culture
10:12 am
Wed November 26, 2014

Album of the Week - Roxi Copland, "Truth Be Told"

Roxi Copland's new album, Truth Be Told, is this week's Album of the Week, featuring eight original tracks.
Credit Credit: roxicopland.com

Album of the Week: Truth be Told

Artist: Roxi Copland

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Arts & Culture
2:04 pm
Tue November 25, 2014

Carter Hulsey: Happy Bearer of Sad Songs

Carter Hulsey

“I don’t write a lot of happy tunes, but I’m a happy guy,” says singer-songwriter Carter Hulsey. The sentiment became something of an artistic mantra in our conversation with the Joplin, MO native.

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Arts & Culture
1:23 pm
Sat November 22, 2014

The Dianna Jones Trio Rocks It Out in the WUWM Studio

Rachel Owens (far left) and Skubs (far right) of WUWM@Nite after a studio session with the Dianna Jones Trio: Dianna Jones (2nd from l), Cheryl Staats (c), and Katie Elliott (2nd from r). Engineered by Jon Strelecki.
Credit Jon Stelecki / WUWM

Singer/songwriter Dianna Jones was tricked into her first on-stage performance when she was only a teenager in New York City. Playing at an open mic, she was immediately offered other engagements. Cutting her teeth in Greenwich Village, Dianna Jones crafted her rock style by working with some of the best musicians in New York City.

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Arts & Culture
10:50 pm
Fri November 21, 2014

SoFar Sounds - October 25th

Photography by Helene Fischman

Milwaukee’s local SoFar Concert series continued in October, featuring Tristen of Nashville, Jeremiah Nelson of Madison and Milwaukee’s own Wolfgang Schaefer. They were gracious enough to invite WUWM@Nite to this Secret Location. Skubs spoke with the Host Rob Hickey and discussed his musician-friendly home and the intimacy of these concerts.


Rob Hickey – Host

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Arts & Culture
9:30 pm
Fri November 21, 2014

Sam Llanas: Career in Deja Vu

Singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist Sam Llanas plays Summerfest 2014.
Credit Photo by Eric Mills, Summerfest 2014

Released early this week, “The Whole Night Thru” is the new album by singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist Sam Llanas, a founding member of Waukesha-based rock band, the BoDeans. After years of writing music and touring, the 53-year-old rock n’ roller is setting his sights on a newfound solo career. Performing three tracks off “The Whole Night Thru,” including song Deja Vu, Llanas sat down with Bruce Winter in the WUWM@Nite studio to talk about his new material, “reestablishing” his brand, and his musical guilty pleasures.

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Arts & Culture
12:23 pm
Fri November 21, 2014

Roxi Copland Transcends Genres with "Truth Be Told"

Singer, songwriter, and pianist Roxi Copland performs a rendition of her song "Heavy Load" in the WUWM studio.

With her powerfully raw vocals, a light coat of cherry-red lipstick, and dark curls, Jazz/pop musician Roxi Copland joins Bruce Winter in the WUWM@Nite studio, to talk and perform some songs from her new album, "Truth Be Told.” The album, her first record including a full band, features both gritty tracks like Heavy Load and softer, smoother tracks like that of Don’t Give Up On Me. Copland asserts that her music is certainly not contained by any genre.

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Arts & Culture
9:42 am
Fri November 21, 2014

Br(OK)en Genius Brings "Raw Truth" to WUWM

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions (C.M.P.) in the WUWM studio.
Credit Montreal Cain / CE MKE

We first met Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, or C.M.P., this summer, just ahead of Milwaukee’s Bronzeville week. At that point, the members of Br(OK)en Genius had already been crafting their performance for over six months. November has finally arrived, and today marks the debut of Br(OK)en Genius at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.

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Arts & Culture
4:10 pm
Wed November 19, 2014

Comedian W. Kamau Bell is Back on the Road

W. Kamau Bell
Credit Matthias Clamer / FX

On his Twitter page, W. Kamau Bell says “I tell jokes, but I’m not kidding.”  Known by many as a political comedian, Bell is best known for his critically acclaimed, but short-lived FX comedy series Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, for which Chris Rock was the Executive Producer.

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