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Kat Schleicher

With love and lust in mind, Ex Fabula looks back to one of our earliest dynamic duos, Bob and Virginia Pothier.

Credit: heyrosetta.com

Hey Rosetta!, a seven-piece indie rock band from the far north is best known for their flair for energetic live performances and unique blend of strings, brass, piano, and drums. The band originally hails from the ocean sprayed shores of St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada. Their fourth studio album, “Second Sight,” is set to be released in the US on Jan. 27. It’s a high energy piece with lively rock ballads, gentler folksy tracks, and flashes of pop infused indie rock.

Credit: jhsbj.net

Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint is clearly a name that stood out while pursuing the Summerfest 2014 lineup. While certainly a band that enjoys its music and does not take itself too seriously, Jay’s Happy SBJ takes its craft seriously.

Kat Schleicher

  Here we are in the second week of January. According to studies, 75% of New Year resolutions last through the first week of January.

Buffalo Gospel: Songs from the Wilderness

Dec 22, 2014

Buffalo Gospel’s Ryan Necci spoke with Trapper Schoepp about the impetus behind his latest album, We Can Be Horses, and his newfound songwriting perspective.

“I find inspiration in writing from animals’ points of views,” Necci said.  “Sometimes I lose interest in human interaction and writing about myself.” 

In his own dark times, Necci became inspired by the stubborn yet resilient nature of the buffalo - a spirit animal of sorts to him.


Milwaukee experimental rapper, poet, and MC, WebsterX joined Rachel Owens in the WUWM studio this week, talking about his newest single Doomsday (feat. Siren). X got his start at an early age. Last time he visited the WUWM studio, he talked briefly about his childhood. For hours after school X would play basketball with his friends, after which time the group would relax and start experimenting with rap into the evenings. In Nov.


“For Purely Elfish Reasons” is the newest theatrical endeavor by actor, composer, and playwright Jason Powell. Milwaukee’s Alchemist Theatre in Bayview commissioned Powell to produce lighter, more kid-friendly holiday fare for the holiday season, a departure from the theater’s usual array of mature themed plays and musicals. Powell is best known for his original theatre creations such as "Invader? I Hardly Know Her" (2009) and "In Love Yet Again" (2012), both Alchemist productions. This past year the Milwaukee Opera Theatre presented his operatic feature, "Fortuna the Time-Bender vs.

Album of the Week: The Great Escape

Dec 18, 2014

From Germany to the West Coast, The Great Escape bring a gritty, fun-loving vibe in their self-titled new album, “The Great Escape.” Featuring melancholy tracks like “Don’t Wake Me Up” and the raspy, powerful “Rebel,” their new album gives off a laid-back California vibe, the state where the trio currently lives. Drummer Kristian Lord, guitarist Malte Hagemeister, and singer Aimie Mariello strive to bring back that raw sound of pop/rock from the 60s and 70s.


Comedian Martin Morrow has been performing on stage since the age of 18, at that time performing mostly during open mic nights. His professional career took off in 2009. He joined the award winning comedy duo “Tubbi and Martin” in Auburn, Ala., perfecting his improve, sketch, and stand-up comedy skills. Originally from Birmingham, Ala., Morrow now resides in Chicago Ill. His comedy routine has brought him coast to coast, from New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and various cities across the Midwest.

Ex Fabula: Holiday Stress

Dec 17, 2014
Art Montes

This week, Ex Fabula features two entertaining stories about the many reasons one feels and deals with stress throughout the holidays or sometimes the entire year.